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This website was created to make you aware of the dangers on PCH. Our goal is to make a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and even drivers. For many years this highway has been an alleyway of disaster. It has even been referred to as "blood alley".

Parking on PCH has forced pedestrians and cyclists onto the roadway, as can be seen from the photos that are part of this site, resulting in an ever increasing number of injuries, fatalities and collisions.

Parking, as well as other conditions, are a major issue on PCH. Those conditions have cost the lives of many, like Emily Shane, a teenager killed on PCH. Emily's parents started the Emily Shane Foundation in her memory. Other organizations such as Bridge to the Beach support all efforts to make the PCH safer. We invite you to visit their web sites, and

Most of the injuries, fatalities and property damage resulting from collisions could have been prevented if policies on PCH had kept up with the increased traffic flow.

The number of injuries, fatalities and collisions on PCH has increased over the past few years. Between 2010 and 2013, there have been 1031 collisions, 584 injuries and 11 fatalities. These numbers are expected to increase further over the years if something is not done.

With your help, we can make a difference.

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PCH Collisions

This year “2013”, PCH has accumulated over 200 collisions.¬†As you can see, the number of collisions on PCH are constantly growing.

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